City of Perth

Public Artwork | 2018

The City of Perth, have printed large scale images of artworks in the City's collection in an art makeover for Arcade 800, located between Hay Street and Wolf Lane. Featured are a selection of Eva Fernandez's flora obcura series, which are a stylised reference to early Kodak camera photography, paying homage to local native flora cleared by early settlement. This work has been in place since November 2017.

"Fernandez' Flora Obscura documents WA native flowers as imagined through 19th-century photo technologies. The series intelligently locates these botanic gems within a circular format, and colours the backgrounds in mysteriously dark sepia tones. We lurch between the seductive beauty of the flower forms and the sense of wonder that earlier migrants must have experienced." (A snippet from a 2014 review of Eva Fern√°ndez Artist's 'Flora Obscura' in Artlink Magazine Vol 34, by Jude van der Merwe).

© Copyright Eva Fernandez 2018