Las Dos Españas

This selection of artworks present my ongoing investigation into Spanish identity, examining contemporary issues of global displacement, transgenerational trauma and Spanish Diaspora of the 20th century. As a woman artist, displaced from my original culture of Spain as a consequence of the Spanish Civil War, I am critically analysing the construction of Spanish womanhood, from a period when silences and trauma disrupt my ancestral narrative.  A deep sense of displacement and absence of identity have initiated intense investigation into my family history and Spanish identity over the centuries.

Iconic Spanish art and literature resonate throughout these works; from the Baroque drama of the 16th century tradition of bodegón still life paintings; to the 19th century satirical social commentary in the dark themes of human tragedy and horror of Goya’s etchings; to the 20th century lyrical poetry of Juan Ramón Jiménez. These works transverse time and place imbued with Spanish history, echoing and weaving narratives across centuries and continents, from the bygone monarchies of the Spanish Empire to the dictatorship of the civil war, to the Spanish monastery in New Norcia, Western Australia. These works embody traces, voices, memories and images from the past that are blended and embedded in my own history, encounters and interpretations.  


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