ALL ARTWORKS: 2013, Archival digital PRINT, LANDSCAPE 100cmh x 150cmw, PORTRAIT 150cmh x 100cmw (#11, #12 150cmh x 400cmw)

In celebration of the Atelier's fifth birthday, FORM commissioned new works by a number of leading Western Australian artists with links to Midland.

Each artist was allocated a site within the Atelier to respond to, along with a specific material, in reference to the first five traditional anniversary gifts. I was immediately attracted to The Elements Store because of its interesting structure. It is a unique building that stands alone and appears quite different to the others as it is constructed of wood and is quite small in comparison to the other brick structures on site.  I was drawn to the stacks of old patterns that had been stored in an irregular manner on palettes.  Each pattern, having been meticulously handmade by the industrial craftspeople of a bygone era, appeared as an artwork in itself. As they are stacked together with their muted tones of reds, yellows and blues, they make striking compositions which resemble the work of Modernist artists. These haphazardly placed assemblages inspired these photographic works.


2018 re-imagined railyard

7 october - 16 november 2018
midland junction art centre (mjac)
276 Great Eastern Hwy, Midland


Re-Imagined Railyard brings visual arts and social history together to evoke personal memories attached to the locally treasured Midland Railway Workshops. Historic train tools, oral histories and new technologies are presented alongside large-scale curated photographic works of remaining objects found at the Midland Railway Workshops by artist Eva Fernandez.


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